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Whitford Floor Drains

J. R. HOE and Sons is the original manufacturer of “Whitford” Floor Drains. “Whitford” Floor Drains are used in packing houses to catch and retain valuable solids that would otherwise be wasted. These drains prevent stray solids from clogging pipes and drainage systems of provision packing houses. The “Whitford” Floor Drains are equipped with drain baskets that can be readily removed and emptied. These packers are able to reclaim particles of fat to attain better grades of grease that, if permitted to go in the catch basin, would have been digested with cheaper grades of grease.

How do “Whitford” Floor Drains aid in sanitation of packing houses? “Whitford” Floor Drains greatly increase sanitation in packing houses because the drain baskets reduce the danger of solids getting caught in traps and decaying. The baskets are also easily removed and washed, providing an even more sanitary packing house.

J. R. HOE and Sons manufactures “Whitford” Floor Drains for many industrial packing plants and houses throughout North America. The drains can be purchased as complete units or it is possible to buy each of the parts separately. The bar grating of the “Whitford” Floor Drains is made of 65,000 psi ductile iron, so they are strong enough to withstand industrial settings without breaking. J. R. HOE and Sons also manufactures the removable baskets in the “Whitford” Floor Drains from gray iron or non-corrosive aluminum. J.R. HOE and Sons is your source for “Whitford” Floor Drains, whether it is simply a replacement drain/basket or complete drain units for a new industrial project.