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Drawings & Renderings

We use the latest technology in pattern making and metal casting to manufacture our cast iron products. There are several steps that go into engineering a product. The first step is brainstorming with the customer to understand their exact needs. What is the product, what will it do, what is the best process to make it, and finally how many products are needed.

Once completing the needs analysis, our engineering team begins by creating a product drawing that shows the dimensions of the casting. Then we convert the two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional model using 3D modeling software, thus creating a rendering of the product. At this point we are able to either use a 3D printer to print miniature versions of the product for review, or use our digital routing table to create the pattern. Once the pattern is created, the process of casting the product may begin.

Ductile Iron Chain Links

Product Drawing of Ductile Iron Chain Link
Ductile Iron Chain Link Rendering

Ductile Iron Chain Link Rendering