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Advanced Machining Capability

J. R. HOE offers state-of-the-art machining capabilities utilizing computer numerically controlled (CNC) MAZAK turning and milling machines. These machines are known for their world-class precision and may be programmed to perform multiple machining tasks of complex design. Once programmed, each part is produced to identical dimension and tolerance and may be reproduced in high production quantities.

A Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is used to verify dimensions on all parts as well as to maintain accuracy and consistency on longer run orders. First article inspections on new cast and machined prototypes may be generated through this PC-based CMM.

The Single Source Advantage

J.R. HOE offers both casting and machining capabilities from one location. Instead of having the casting made in one foundry, and then shipped to a separate machining factory with added costs and mark-up, J.R. Hoe can process any customer's order into a finished part under one roof. Aside from the obvious cost savings, communication is much simpler if a modification in either casting design or machining dimensions is needed. Your part procurement becomes much simpler with this single source advantage.

In-House Part Engineering

Need an obsolete repair part? Don't have a part drawing? Maybe you have a really great idea or concept. J.R. HOE can assist you to reverse engineer your obsolete part, or to help you develop your new idea into a prototype part. We are equipped to take your idea from concept to finished product.