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manhole cover accessories


Below Ground Rubber Riser

Infra-Riser Adjustment Rings


Below Ground Rubber Riser

  • Reduces traffic vibration damage which prolongs life of pavement and manhole structures

  • Protects against load concentration stress

  • Reduces water infiltration

  • Will not break, split, rot, crack or chip

  • Made of 92% recycled raw materials

  • Available in round, square and rectangular; flat and tapered risers

Rectangular Infra-Riser

Infra-Riser Rectangular

Round Infra-Riser

Infra-Riser Round

Square Infra-Riser

Infra-Riser Square

Chimney Seal

Flex Rib Seals stop leaking joints by bridging the joint with a flexible rubber seal and compressing the rubber seal against the manhole frame and the manhole cone on either side of the joint with either the internal expansion bands or external clamps, forming a watertight seal.

Chimney Seal
Product Drawing of a Chimney Seal


  • Stops flow of rainwater into sewage systems

  • Controls manhole odors

  • Keeps dirt out of system

  • Easily installed by one person; weighs 2 lbs.

  • To order provide: lid diameter and ID of frame opening

Rain Stopper
Product Drawing of a Rain Stopper

Anchor Bolts

Anchor and Bolt
Product Drawing of the Anchor Bolts