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Bollards USA Products

As a leading manufacturer of infrastructure products, J.R. Hoe proudly offers cast iron decorative bollards. Manufactured in the USA from high quality cast iron, our architectural bollards are available in a wide range of design profiles, sizes and mounting options. Our bollards are designed to provide excellent perimeter delineation while enhancing the visual appeal of the surrounding environment.

Custom Logo on a Decorative Bollard

Custom Bollards

Do you have a logo or emblem that would look great cast in iron? Just send us your design and we can create a custom bollard for you. Whether you’re defining space in an architectural streetscape or protecting a building exterior, J.R. Hoe utilizes innovative casting design capabilities to provide a one-of-a-kind branding option featuring your organization’s logo or brand..

Architectural Cast Iron

Cast Iron Bollard

Cast iron bollards are used to establish physical and visual barriers around buildings, pedestrian areas, and a wide variety of urban spaces. J.R. Hoe bollard design offers the combination of high-quality cast iron and American craftsmanship for a product that is as durable as it is attractive. Whether utilized to define perimeter boundaries or as an architectural feature in pedestrian walkways, J.R. Hoe architectural bollards provide the aesthetic and functional balance to meet the site-specific needs of any project.

Removable Bollards

Decorative Cast Iron Bollard

J.R. Hoe offers a patented removable bollard design that easily drops, twists and locks into place. The removable installation option is available for all 6” cast iron bollards and can be integrated seamlessly into an architectural landscape plan that requires both fixed and removable bollards on the same project. By opening and closing off pathways as needed, removable bollards allow for outdoor project planning to be flexible and dynamic based on the needs of the space.