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Custom Design & Sizes

Total Versatility

J. R. HOE & Sons offers both iron castings and fabrications--designed and produced in-house. AutoCAD drawing submittals are available for all castings and fabrications.

Storm Water Applications

With so many storm water pollution prevention projects underway HOE has designed and built a diverse range of custom fabrications.

They include:

  • Retention Basin Grates

  • Trash Racks

  • Custom-size Headwall Grates

  • Pipe Screens/Traps

  • And many more

“Got You Covered”

Do you have a cover application that requires a “non-standard” size? HOE can help you design and produce the cover – or covers – to meet your criteria. Custom covers can be designed to meet your traffic-loading requirements. Covers may be lettered, numbered for I.D., and security-bolted to the frame. Whatever the field application, we’ve “got you covered.”

Retro – Fit Grating

Many storm water drainage installations that worked when they were installed - do not work today. This can present a problem in meeting demanding storm water regulations. In most situations, HOE can cast or fabricate replacement gratings to fit existing frames in the field.

A common field application is the Retro-fit of trench grating. HOE can produce custom-size heavy cast iron trench grates to replace areas where light bar grating has deformed or failed.