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Iron Casting Capabilities

For over 100 years J.R. Hoe has dedicated itself to fulfilling what our customers need…quality castings, good communication and willingness to go the extra mile. This attitude has been the key in building decade’s old relationships as well as developing fresh new relationships that will endure. While longevity may represent complacency for some companies, at JR Hoe it translates into casting innovation with vast in-house experience from a financially stable company that places its customers’ needs first.   Communication and reliability are the keys to a successful supply chain relationship -  and JR Hoe excels in both.    These are the attributes that make JR Hoe the best casting source to serve your needs now and in the future.

Iron Pump Valve ASTM A48

Production Capabilities

Casting Size: 1-3000 lbs.

Casting Alloys:

  • Gray Iron: ASTM A48
    • Class 25
    • Class 30
    • Class 35
    • Class 40
  • Heat Resistant Cast Iron: ASTM A319
  • Ductile Iron: ASTM A536
    • Grade 60-40-18
    • Grade 65-45-12
    • Grade 80-55-06

Melting Capacity: State-of-the art electric induction melt system rated at 3000 lbs. per hour.

Ductile  Iron Casting Parts

Molding Capability:

  • Turnkey green sand conveyorized system.
  • Semi-automatic jolt and squeeze machines
    • 30” x 34” Flask Size
    • 26” x 54” Flask Size
  • Custom Floor molding
    • Various flask sizes from 40” to 90”
    • Customizable to fit

Core Making: Palmer continuous mixer capable of 400 lbs. per minute.

Finishing: Leading edge continuous belt system with primary and secondary shot blast capability.